The Deceit of Philosophy

Photo by Luck Galindo from Pexels

The other day I watch a video from Naval Ravikant about finding meaning in life. If you don’t know Naval, he is a modern Indian Philosopher/Speaker/TedX kind of guy.
In his video, he talks about how to find meaning in life. He then questions various ways: Is it God? Then which one? Is it religious experience? Is it work? Family? Friends?

At the end he concludes there is no true way to find meaning. The journey is what matters. The video has nice music, pretty pictures, gentle narration to make this seem like a feel-good adventure of possibilities. The problem is that is not what he is selling. If you listen carefully, his message is no different than the militant atheism of Richard Dawkins, and his like. There is no meaning. There is no purpose. And he lacks any logic to support his point.
His statement of “Which God is right, and how would we now…” discards all possibilities into the trash. Imagine if we approached science this way: Well, we will never know for sure what all of space is like, so let’s just not look. Well, we will never cure all the diseases, so let’s move on to something else. Well, we will never know how all of the human body works, so let’s move on.
His approach is to look at the places less illuminated and never expose them to the light. I say light them up. Let’s discover truth. Let’s work through the “great ideas” and see what stands. Let’s check out the gods of the world and find out who truly is God. Put them to the test!
Let’s discover. Let’s explore. Let’s illuminate, because we do have meaning and purpose, and that purpose is to know God!

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