What's the Point

From XTMG chapter 7:

The primary goal of this book is to get you to know how passionately God loves you and the great lengths He has gone to in order to be with you.  Grace is the love of God being freely poured into us.  If you are like me, this will generate some real excitement when you start to see that God really does love you and that He is not chasing you with a hammer waiting to pound you when you mak a mistake.

Ultimately, we will know we have really been overwhelmed with grace when it starts to pour out of us.  We will start to see people differently.  Strangers are no longer scary.  Conflict becomes less about the people involved and more about how we can love them in any situation.

We will begin to see people as God does, with love and deep compassion.  Our hearts will desire the best for others and we will not walk in shame or in fear, because we are secure in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  We know that we have a Father that lavishes all good things on us (I John 3:1) and loves us no matter what.

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