Sowing and Reaping

From XTMG chapter 6:

"When we plant good seed we get a good harvest.  When we plant bad seed (lies, deceit, violence, etc.) we reap a bad harvest. Put another way, God desires to lead us in good things, but sometimes we choose something else.  When we do so, we open ourselves up to a host of negative influences and consequences.  We can't blame this on God - He is not bring a trial into our lives.  He is not testing us.  We are just reaping what we sowed.

So rather than walk in fear of the judgment of God, instead walk in dependence on God and avoid the schemes of the evil one whose goal is to steal, kill, and destroy.  The desire of God is life and life abundantly, so walk in that instead.  God is the one who is bringing us good things (James 1:17.) God is for us, (Romans 8:31) He is not against us.  But even when we make mistakes the sequence can often be redeemed like this:

  1.  Plant a seed from the flesh.
  2. Bring it to God (repentance)
  3. Reap the harvest of Christ

Jesus will not magically fix all of our mistakes, but rather as we are dependent on Him, He will bring healing and life, even to the things that we have messed up.  He has a great and abundant love for you, and He desires to see you grow in life, health, and love."

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