The importance of the basics


Some time ago, I read a story of a guy who studied Kung Fu. He wanted to do the really cool things that you see in the movies. However, his master always worked him on the basics: How to punch and how to kick. He went over them over and over, year after year. Eventually the student was getting tired of the boring basics and wanted to do the "cool stuff". His master just kept emphasizing the basics.

One day, it dawned on the student that he always won his fights. He did it not by spinning back kicks, or something from the movies. Rather, he won because day after day, he practiced a few things and had them perfected. He did the basics and he did them well.

As Christians, we can get into trouble when we forget the basics, and try to go out into the esoteric and obscure things. There is nothing wrong with learning things that are little "out there", but if the foundation is not there, the house will fall. We will be defeated by the enemy. So here are a few of the basics:

  1. We must be convinced of the character of our Good and Loving God. He sent His son to seek and save the lost. He is love and He loves us. He pursues us passionately. He is always faithful, and will never leave us or forsake us.
  2. We have become sons of God through the work of Christ. We are reconciled to God, and stand in forgiveness of all of our sins.
  3. He empowers us and leads us by His Holy Spirit.

Those are just a few, and there are many more we will talk about in future articles. So why are those so important?

When we have a false view of the Goodness of God, we will tend to view Him as hostile to us and unapproachable. We will either move away from Him in fear, or try to approach Him through works of our flesh. As a result, we do not ever rest in the divine rest that Christ has called us into.

If we are not confident in who Christ has made us (sons and standing in forgiveness and righteousness) we will act in weakness and the flesh. We will not confidently walk in the Spirit, and we will not come boldly before the throne of "Abba, Father." This will masquerade as humility, but it is weakness and fear.

If we are not led and empowered by the spirit, then we are led and empowered by the flesh. Those are the only two options--choose wisely. So walk in who you are. Not in arrogance, but in confidence as a son of the Living God. Walk as one who is righteous and is loved by his Father.

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